Class Schedule
Class Schedule
Fun Fused Glass
Create your own dichroic fused glass pendants. Come play with glass
in a party setting in this easy, fun class. All materials included.
Course fee: $45 per student. 1 session. 1 hour. 2 pendants each.
2-4 students. For group rates, click

Fun Fused Glass Party, 30 Pendants, Flat Rate
Create dichroic fused glass pendants at the location of your choice. All
materials included. Course fee: $2
00. 1 session. 1 hour. 30 pendants.
No experience necessary.
                1-10 students make 3 pendants each
           11-15 students make 2 pendants each
           16-30 students make 1 pendant each

Fun Fused Glass Sampler
Create a pair of dichroic fused glass earrings, two pendants, and a 3-
inch tealight dish. All materials included. Course fee: $125 per student.
Warwick. 1 session. 2 hours. 2-4 students.

Create Your Own Fused Glass Bowl
Warwick. 1 session. 2 hours. 2-4 students. Course fee varies (please
click on link above).

One-of-a-Kind Classes
Create your own art class. For more information, click here.

There is a travel fee of $25/hour for over two hours of round-trip travel.
Fused Glass  6-Inch Bowl
6-Inch Bowl, 3-Inch Dish,
and Pendants ready to be
Fired in Kiln
Designing & Gluing Fused
Glass Pendants
Finished Fused
Glass Pendants
Ready to Start Creating
Fused Glass Fired in
Glass Kiln
Finished Fused Glass Bowl
Family Fun
Designing with Paint
Mothers and Daughters
Rhode Island Artist
Deenie Pacik Giuliano

Subject: Wonderful, well-priced program

Not sure how many of you received this message from Deenie Pacik, but we
followed up and invited her to lead a workshop this morning. For $160 she
provided instruction, materials, mileage, and postage (participants make one
or more glass pendants, which she then fires in her studio in RI and mails
back). The program attracted school-age kids (with adult helpers) through
retirees. Everyone had a great time. Best part: we filled the workshop with 30
people and turned away several more—so we’re looking at having Deenie back
again. (30 is the limit because that’s what her kiln will hold. Talk to her or see
her website for specifics.)


Kelly Collins, MA, MLIS
Bolton Public Library

Hi Deenie,

Thank you again for such a fun and interesting class yesterday.  You're awfully
good at wrangling a room full of varied ages and attention spans! ...

Best regards,

Carol E., RN, MBA